Parents voice against worms pills campaign in Schools

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A photo from archive for schools cleaning campaign

Wafa A.Alkahazzan

The Yemeni government began to distribute pills on April 30th to combat worms in schools, targeting all students in Sana’a and Aden schools from the ages of six to eighteen years old. They are using American-provided free medicines in the campaign, which is organized by the Ministries of Public Health and Population, and Education, and lasts until the end of the current school year.

Dr. Bushra Mofadel, Program Director of Social Health at the Ministry of Public Health and Population, says that the ministries are cooperating in providing these services to improve health and educational sectors for students of both genders. She called on citizens and parents to cooperate with the ministries for the benefit of their children.

Mofadel stressed that the Ministry of Public Health and Population is keen to provide health services that will improve the community in general, noting the success of combating schistosomiasis in recent years which involved the distribution of 45 million tablet treatments.

Dr. Basil Saleem, the Director of the National Program for Schistosoma and Parasites, confirmed that there is no risk in the medication, and that the World Health Organization tests all treatments prior to their use.

Some parents were caught off guard by the vaccination program, like Bushra Alamri, mother of three.

“I received the warning through WhatsApp, and there were brochures about these worms, and my neighbor said they gave her son a pill that was taken in the school. But I am not sure about them.”

Osama Sari, Chief Editor of Almasar newspaper, voiced his concerns about the pills. The World Health Organization assures Yemenis that there are no dangers in the medicines or their effects.

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