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Manuscripts from France to Sana’a

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Manuscripts exhibtion

By: Elham Al-Oqabi

From the National Library of France, the collection of King Francis I, reproduced copies of about forty Islamic manuscripts will be brought to Sana’a for one month. The exhibitions will be on display from April to May 26th. It will be in open air in three places at once: Sana’a University, Bab al-Yemen, and al-Sabeen Park.

“We make sure that this collection is from all over the Islamic world, and transports the modern Muslim world to a different era, from the beginning of Islam until the Ottoman Empire,” said Julian Cle’ch, Director of the French Institute, and cultural attache of the French Embassy.

“Through this exhibition, we will track the history and development of different types of Arabic calligraphy. We can also see the impacts on, and effects of, calligraphers during Islamic period.”

French Ambassador Frank Gallet said that the idea for this exhibition came from a National Library of France exhibit in 2011, which was a great success.

“This collection is from the National Library of France, and is unique in the world for how it reflects past civilizations.”

He said that the exhibition was held after two years of preparation in conjunction with the European Union. Total Oil Company also computerized about 350 photos of the manuscripts, as well as ornaments for the exhibition.

European Union representative Bettina Muscheidt said that the exhibition will be held in Sana’a, but may move to other governorates as well.

Abdul Hakim al-Sharjbi, President of Sana’a University, praised the exhibit. Saying that it will afford many Yemenis the opportunity to visit the museums and see their assets.

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