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Islah activist: Sheikh al-Zendani must repent

National Yemen

Ulfot and Zandani

By Ulfat al-Duba’ai

Academic and political activist for al-Islah Party, Dr. Ulfat al-Duba’ai, demanded Sheikh Abdualmajeed al-Zendani to call on al-Qaeda groups to submit to the authority of the state. Al-Dubai wrote a Facebook post entitled “To Sheikh al-Zendani – opportunity for repentance” and accused al-Zendani of his ideas and mistakes that have assisted terrorism in Yemen.

“Your extreme religious interpretations have played a major role in the emergence of extremism and terrorism in Yemen, in addition to other factors helped by the former and current regime. Now you have to correct your mistakes and call on al-Qaeda groups to set down their weapons and submit it to the authority of the state.”

Al-Duba’ai has also condemned al-Zendani for spreading corrupted thinking that leads his followers to hell rather than heaven.

“You loudly proclaim fatwas and call on millions to follow them, and they are not the fatwas of the National Dialogue Conference’s outputs, but rather your own that call it a violation of the law, while asking people to go on jihad.”

Al-Dubai concluded that the real jihad is to stop terrorists who are killing soldiers and citizens.

“Do you know and realize the true need for Yemeni jihad? Repent before you meet Allah with those who followed your approach.”