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Sana’a: The impact of Ibn Taymiyya Reforms Concludes Two Days Discussion on State Building

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Ibn Taymmiyya reform meeting in Sana’a

By NY Staff

The fourth intellectual regional seminar concerning Ibn Taymiyyah and reforms on state building was conducted in Yemen over two days last week. The seminar was organized by Imam al-Shafi’i Scientific Center, based in Jordan. It ended with five focal points on the tools needed for the ummah to best organize itself, as communicated through lectures and discussions. The points concerned peaceful cooexistance, research writing at all universities, more positive attitudes towards science and technology, and revised interest in the Prophet Muhammad.

Scholars from many Arab countries participated in the seminar, from Yemen, Sudan, Mauritania, Jordan, Iraq, and even Pakistan. They discussed Ibn Taymiyah fully, as well as struggles facing the ummah, and Taymiyah’s views on Fiqah and the need for Muslim scholars to face issues such as minority governance, community, and financial society.

Yemen was chosen as the host this year, and Pakistan will host the meeting next year. Dr. Hamouad al-Sa’adi attended the meeting with Dr. Samir al-Shaoubakah, founder of the Imam al-Shafai’i center. He emphasized that the meeting has nothing to do with the National Dialogue Conference, and is a yearly activity that aims to bring back Muslim character under modern conditions