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Thousands victims of traffic accidents in Yemen

By NY Staff

Yemeni authorities have announced a tragic statistic for traffic accidents victims in Yemen over the past five years. The statistic said that 31, 360 have died in accidents, and left 76, 074 injured, including 45 in critical condition. This is a huge number considering that it is more than twelve times the number of revolutionary youth that died during the 2011 revolution.

Official statistics claim that since 2000, until the end of 2011, Yemen witnessed 151, 253 traffic accidents in total, killing 29, 000 people and leaving 193 injured. Colonel Mohammed Saleh, security expert, says that more than 20, 000 people died during the 1970s through the 1990s from the same problem.

Houria Mashhor Minister of human rights  explained that the Ministry of the Interior recorded the highest number of deaths during 2010, where 3, 063 people died, through 2009 had the lowest year on record with 2, 185 deaths. She added that apart from lost human capital, the material losses is recorded at $19 billion for the period between 2009 and 2013.


  • Yemeni drivers luck of discipline in the road no respect to others driver and no traffic rule I think the govt has big rule of this problem and also the traffic man or enforcer are luck of training thats way lot of accident happen specially in hodaidah motor cycle is everywhere, almost of the driver are beginners no helmit no shoes no driver lic.so maybe someone can make this correct before is to late thanks more power.