What The Government Can Do About Militarism?


By Fakhri al-Arashi

The War on Terror now takes place in the mountains and valleys of Shabwa and Abyan. It is a blessing to those who have an interest in the country being embroiled in violence. The basic need that all Yemenis have is to see and feel safety and stability, as per the political visions of those who listen to public wishes.

The doctrines of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is not Yemeni, but rather, found a fruitful land to grow and prosper in Yemen because of its problems. Poor people should not be blamed for this, especially since Sana’a continues to be a safe home for terrorist leaders and their financiers.

The battle is now intensifying in these governorates, with encouraging news this week. A large number of AQAP militants have reportedly been killed and injured, though many soldiers are dying as well. It will be sad to me if at the end of all of this, the government simply agrees to a secret mediation and ends this aggressive campaign.

It is true that the government will face a hard time in tackling the problem completely with all the local and international support they receive, aimed at slowing the transition and the ability of the country to move forward. How can we say it is being supported by important figures? Through its deep knowledge of government infrastructure, political and social projects, as well as movements of such commodities as the oil derivatives.

By all means, though, the government must go forward with the mandate of its people to end violence and extremist ideologies in Yemen. It must not be a safe haven for those who want to disrupt our ongoing transitional processes. The government can certainly eliminate them if they fight for victory, rather than accepting mediation.

May Allah protect the Yemeni nation from the forbidden and incorrect ideologies of people that benefit from poor people and the ongoing economic crisis.