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Yemeni bride provides her dowry to support military and security in their fight against terrorism

By NY Staff

At her wedding party last week, a Yemeni woman from Shabwa decided to provide her dowry of YR 100, 000 to army and security forces fighting terrorism and sabotage in Abyan and Shabwa governorates. Her decision was motivated by an atmosphere of warfare  in her area, which is affected by air strikes, terrorism, and military activities.

She joins groups like the Arab Mission Socialist Party, which has called on members and bases in Shabwa and Abyan to assist the military in fighting against terrorist groups. Al-Haq Party also announced its support for the states mission against terrorism and extremism.

The National Press Association praised the Yemeni media’s coverage and support for the military. It called on all Yemenis to stand against terrorists and with security forces to eliminate them. It said that it is following media coverage with great interest, particularly when it comes to People’s Committees and their ability to move against extremism and sabotage.

It has warned that it will provide a black list of papers and partisan figures who support terrorism and fail to report the national concensus against extremist groups.