Yemenia A332 backed to Sana’a

Yemenia over Asmara Airport (Eritrea)

Yemenia over Asmara Airport (Eritrea)

By The editor

Yemen aircraft 7O-ADP has returned to Yemen on May 1st and resumed service afterwards. Yemenia Airbus A330 conducted a test flight IY-630 from Sana’a (Yemen) to Asmara Airport (Eritrea), and landed on Asmara’s Runway 7 safely. While turning around at the end of the runway to taxi, the nose and left main gear went off runway, damaging and disabling the aircraft. Asmara Airport was closed until the early hours of May 1st as a result, when the aircraft was repaired and removed from the runway.

In early February, Yemenia  transferred  over $6 million to the benefit of the manufacturer Airbus to clear some of the due Indebtedness. Yemenia suffers from hard times due to its inability to get funding from the Ministry of Finance for such necessities as mechanical parts and fuel suppliers.

Towards the end of last year, Yemenia was awarded the certificate of completed European Union inspections after exams at all Yemeni airports


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