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Arwa Al-Baghdadi flees to Yemen

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Arwa Al-Baghdadi

By NY Staff

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia announced the travel of Saudi woman Arwa al-Baghdadi, who arrived in Yemen last week. Al-Baghdadi escaped with the support of terrorist organizations, and has been very present on social media. She stopped her tweets in mid-January, and has denied that she was arrested by Yemeni authorities.

Arwa al-Baghdadi is the wife of a prisoner Yassin al-Omari who belonged to al-Qaeda. Her brother Mohammed was killed, and was wanted by the Ministry of the Interior for recruiting militants. Her brother Anes is also in jail under charges of terrorism.

Al-Baghdadi was detained in al-Hair prison in Riyadh because of her terrorist ideology. After the death of her brother Mohammed in December 2010 at a checkpoint in al-Dwaser valley, she was accused of her involvement to Deviant Group Cells. She was released in the middle of 2012.

At the beginning of 2013, al-Baghdadi fled to Yemen to be the second runaway to Yemen. In late 2009, Wafa al-Shahri escaped to Yemen to join her husband, Said al-Shihri, with the help of the most dangerous woman in al-Qaeda, Haila al-Qaseer. Al-Shahiri was arrested by security agencies in 2010.

Before her escape, al-Baghdadi married a detainee and had a child with him.