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Three gunmen killed in attack on checkpoint in Yemen capital: ministry

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Blast hits a military bus in Yemen

By NY Staff

Three gunmen were killed when they tried to attack a security checkpoint in the Yemeni capital early on Sunday, the interior ministry said, in an attack residents said was near the presidential palace in Sanaa.

The clash came two days after a gunfight near the presidential palace and what appeared to be an assassination attempt on the defense minister in the southern province of Shabwa.

“Three terrorists were killed at dawn today in a new attack that targeted a security checkpoint,” interior ministry spokesman, Mohammed al-Qaidy, said.

Early in the morning group of military personnel invaded Movenpick Sana’a hotel in suspension of al-Qeada militants. The suspected militants are Saudi nationals and they were taken for a short investigation and returned them back to the hotel.

The suspected Saudis are gusts of a Yemeni businessman who invited them for a couple of days visit to Yemen. The tourism and hotels industry are  collapsing  in Yemen due to the on going clashes in South Yemen. The daily avargae occupancy for the hotels in Yemen dose not exceed 35%, The general manager of Movenpick Sana’a hotel criticises the negative role of the local media in ids-promoting  tourism in the country.  “We do not want any promotion from media men, but we need them to say the fact” said the GM of Movenpick hotel. The country’s economy  is already in the edge of breakdown.