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Yemen Democracy and Elections Network launches electronic registration project in Sana’a

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Elections Network launches electronic registration project

Asma al-Mohattwari

On 6 May, Yemen Democracy and Elections Network launched a project of awareness and control on electronic registration procedures in the Tenth Precinct of Sana’a.

YDEN Secretary General Khaled al-Shamiri, said that the awareness project comes within the framework of developing the democratic process and also that of electronic registration. He says that YDEN aims to expand civil participation and also make the community more aware of its democratic rights and freedoms.

General Director of the of Social Affairs and Labor Office in Sana’a, Mujeeb al-Fatesh, stressed the importance of the role played by civil society organizations to develop the community.

“In this time we are in a real need for these NGOs to care more about democratic work than the charity work. Every NGO should be specialized in specific work.”

According to High Electoral Commission Civil Society Organizations secretary Abdelhafez al-Mikhlafi, the HEC is ready to launch electronic voter registration in the Tenth Precinct, with possible expansion at a later date. He highlighted the fruitful partnership between the HEC and CSOs.

After the inauguration ceremony, YDEN organized a workshop called Role of the media in the awareness of the electronic registration process that dealt with the registration procedures. and the importance of citizen participation in the voter registration process.