Government modifies gas prices with Total Company, up 85%

National Yemen


On 5 May, the cabinet voted to modify the convention on gas prices with the French company Total, and after some time, prices were raised 85% to $337 million from $178 million in 2013.

Spokesman Rajeh Badi assured that the agreement, which was signed in Paris, headed by the Minister of Oil, also includes the condition of important material states, and that the renewal of the agreement will stipulate on agreements every five years, which was not in previous agreements.

On 10 May, staff at Total Company’s Sector 10 clashed with protesters who demanded the right to employment at their front gates, who were ignored by the company. The union for Sector 10 denounced the treatment, and emphasized that such actions harm the company and its principles.

Engineer Murad Alameri, head of the union, said that during his visit to the protest camp, he was convinced that the union should work with trainees, potentially escalating action if the company continues to ignore the demands of the group, which is predominantly made up of young people.