Three million people infected with schistosomiasis in Yemen

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schistosomiasis in Yemen

Wafa A.Alkhazzan

Schistosomiasis is a serious disease, but many people ignore it. It is a parasite with two different types: poly and intestinal. Both are dangerous, and the World Health Organization considers it to be one of six major diseases in Third World countries. Nearly three million people have the disease in Yemen, according to the World Bank, and it disproportionately affecting infants, young people, and the elderly. It spreads among many people because it is waterborne.

Dr. Ahmed Qasem al-Ansi, the Minister of Public Health and Population, recently launched a campaign carried out in 3, 713 health facilities and 6, 988 to treat and spread awareness about the disease. Health experts say that it is the primary cause of death in Yemen after malaria.

Al-Ansi called on health authorities to work with the World Bank, World Health Organization, and Schistosomiasis Control Initiative to distribute 4.5 million doses of the drug praziquantel in the country, mostly to children in primary school. This campaign has been occurring for the past three years.