U.S. proves wheat aid for Yemen

Wafa A.Alkhazzan

On 5 May, the United States, in partnership with the World Food Program, provided $21 million in wheat to Yemen at a formal ceremony. The wheat was provided through the U.S. Agency for International Development, in conjunction with the WFP warehouse in Sana’a.

Bishoe Parajuli, WFP Yemen Director, praised the donation.

“The fight against hunger requires cohesion by international organizations, and also the United States in partnership with those struggling from hunger. We will do our best to help poor people and children in Yemen, and also to help them and their daughters with education.”

“The United States government fights against hunger in Yemen with passion, and the Yemeni government has donated $68 million to the cause through USAID. Hopefully, this will lead to a better future for Yemen.”

Acting U.S. Ambassador Karen Sasahara praised the partnership between the U.S. and the WFP.

“Thanks to the partnership and cooperation between international donors and the Yemeni government, as well as the private sector, we can combat the humanitarian crisis in this country.”

She added that “the United States Agency for International Development works diligently to harmonize humanitarian efforts, including food aid, with long-term development efforts in order to build the capacity to deal with any future crises.”

Minister of Education, Abdulrazag Al-Ashwal said that the relationship also involves education. He said that the strong relationship through USAID also allows for more time to be spent on learning, which combats terrorism.

Approximately 77, 500 tons of food was shipped to the WFP in 2013, which was distributed to nearly 2.8 million people who suffered from acute food insecurity last year. WFP operations reached nearly 5 million Yemenis in total in 2013, through measures such as cash assistance, nutritional support, and emergency food assistance.