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Army Discovers Factories for Car Bombs in Abyan

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Army Discovers Factories for Car Bombs in Abyan

By YN staff  

In cooperation with the People’s Committees in the Abyan province, the army has discovered large quantities of mines, improvised explosive devices, and bombs, as well as factories for preparing car bombs, basements, and long tunnels used for hiding members of Al-Qaeda during the bombing of flights, as well as prisons and different devices.

Lahtal emphasized the continuation of searching for members of Al-Qaeda and ridding the homeland of any terrorism in order to ensure security and stability for all citizens and to improve the country through implementing the outputs of the National Dialogue.

 “The military campaign implemented by the army and security in cooperation with the People’s Committees succeeded in expelling terrorism and cleaning the places which it was in,” he said.

President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi announced that Yemen is fighting an open war against al-Qaeda and that it would catch the militants wherever they are.

He also ordered the armed forces and security to prepare for campaigns to fight terrorism in Abyan, Marib, Shabwa, and Bayda.

Yemen emphasized the launch of the military campaign against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which began in late April and will continue until eliminating all terrorism.

Military and security forces, in cooperation with the People’s Committees, have been fighting terrorism since April 29 in Abyan and Shabwa under the banner of “Together for Yemen Without Terrorism”.