Candle Kills a Woman

National Yemen

Candle Kills a Woman

By NY Staff

A woman died and another was injured after a fire broke out in a house in Sana’a.  Local sources said the fire was a result of a candle left burning, sparking a fire that caused a loss of life and property.

The source pointed out that two women between fifty and seventy-years-old and the neighbors were able to rescue the rest of the family members, totaling more than ten people.

This fire was caused by continuous electricity cuts that exceed six hours a day and eight hours at night. Electricity cuts are due to constant attacks by tribes and influential sheikhs that demand the release of prisoners from al-Qaeda and demand to kill the person who killed al-Shabwani. The scarcity of diesel also plays a major role in the repeated electricity cuts that cause large losses in electrical appliances and destroy foodstuffs.