Doing Business for Survival No Longer Exists!

National Yemen

Fakhri al-Arashi

By Fakhri al-Arashi

During the few past years in the modern history of Yemen, doing business or finding a job was a dream for many youth and members of the middle class. Nowadays, the theory of doing business for survival has little success because of the ongoing crises in the country.

This time, the crises did not exclude the rich and business community groups who have enough cash to carry on with their daily spending. The question is, what is the major difference if you have the cash but do not have the basic elements to continue your business operations smoothly like in other parts of the world.

The political transition that has been created with the purpose of preventing the blood shed of the Yemeni people in late of 2011 was also created to weaken the public population and preserve the political powers in order to escape facing justice and to continue their loyalty to any future updates that may occur in the country. From the public point of view, this scenario was made to encourage the people in Yemen and the Arab Spring countries to give up the idea of revolutions and force them willingly to not expect further improvement.

Yemen, as a neighbor to the Kingdom states, the Sultanates, and other family ruling countries, should not dream of having a full and free democratic country and should not think of achieving human rights, because even basic rights are stolen. The majority of the people in Yemen, if not all of them, believe that the war against terror is part of keeping the country suppressed.

Despite of their ugly acts, Al-Qeada is not the only enemy for Yemen. They are a subcontractor like those who cut roads and oil tracks, those who attack oil pipelines, and those who destroy the country infrastructure, who sabotage power and Internet cables. All are subcontractors for powerful local decision makers or they carry on projects on behalf of regional and international players who see Yemen as an open battleground for their sectarian, religious, and business agendas. These issues are no longer secrets and the enemies of the country are very visible, but the country leadership can’t tell the facts in public and it does not have the choice to say so. Goodbye to the good past, goodbye to any more investment, and welcome to charity and NGO businesses in the country of a million opportunities. It is sad to see so little hope for the near future.

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