First Microfinance and Job Fair in Yemen

First Micro-finance and Job Fair in Yemen

Asma al-Mohattwari

Under the patronage of Dr. Abdulhafedh Noaman, the Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Global Communities in cooperation with GIZ organized the first Microfinance and Job Fair on May 13th in the Movenpik Hotel.

The Youth Empowerment Program provides assistance to youth in Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen. It started in Yemen a year ago and will continue until the end of 2015. Hani al-Faqih, MENA –YES (Yemen) Project Coordinator, said that the program targets 500 youth and holds visits to the market and targets needy groups of young people and then trains them to be qualified for getting jobs in the private sector.

“So far, we have trained 120 youth in different areas such as hotel management, food production, food and beverages service, hairdressing and other areas based on demand in the market. We are targeting young people from 15 to 29 years old from those who are dropouts from the education and they have to 200 hours of training over two months and one month, followed by a practical application. Then they enter a program of substitution careers in coordination with the private sector,” al-Faqih added.

In the opening ceremony, Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Dr. Abdulhafedh Noaman, said that the ministry is seeking to rehabilitate and direct cadres and skills required by the labor market rather than bring skills from outside to fill the gap in the local labor market as well as to create a favorable environment for young people to search for jobs.

“It’s not just wishful thinking, but we really need our approach to be followed up according to the possibilities available.  Everyone from the agency and the private sector have to provide opportunities for young people to get out of unemployment’s scourge.”

Noman confirmed that Yemen is a state looking for its identity and this can be achieved only by active partnership between the public and private sectors.

For his part and on behalf the private sector, Mohamed Salah said that the importance of the project came in the context of national efforts of education goals and labor market needs. The implementation of this project aims to train 120 young men and women in different fields.

Salah called all individuals, companies, and institutions in the private sector to interact positively with this project, which addresses the problems of scarcity of specific skills specializing in the local labor market.