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Media Gate Launches Project of International and Local Organizations Guide

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Media Gate Launches Project of International and Local Organizations Guide

By Tamjid Alkohali

On May 15th, Media Gate, in partnership with the UNDP, held a ceremony at the Movenpick on World Day of Active Organizations to launch the second Issue of the International and Local Organizations Guide.

The ceremony began with a speech delivered by the head of Media Gate Wafa al-Wafi, saying that the day wasn’t any less important than any other international day and thanked participants and attendees from international and local organizations as well as representatives of embassies and businessmen.

The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, in a speech delivered by the Advisor of Social Women Affairs Faeqa Al- Saied‏, spoke about the Yemeni revolutions and their achievements, emphasizing the importance of standing beside armed forces and security to protect the homeland.

She added that only people could solve the problem of Yemen. Therefore, organizations should intensify awareness campaigns in Yemeni streets, rather than in hotels and big halls.

She expressed her sadness for the bad situation in Yemen, especially the lack of electricity, which is considered the source of development for all aspects of life.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Lotaf al-Alaya, praised Media Gate and said that it is considered the beacon of all active organizations despite its short age.

He added that honoring active organizations through Media Gate is an important step to promote and appreciate them, emphasizing the need forsigning a document between the government and Media Gate.

The official of the media institution, Anas al-Rameem, said that the guide launched by Media Gate aims to promote the principle of transparency in the NGO sector and to enable donors and the private sector to attain correct data in order to support organizations according to their views as well as to understand the activities carried out by organizations.

The ceremony included a group of shows by children and youth. It ended by honoring active local and international organizations.