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On International Museum Day, Yemen’s Monuments Celebrated Abroad‏

By Tamjid Alkohali 

On May 18th, the world celebrated International Museum Day (IMD), acknowledging different places and their officials and employees work in maintaining their histories. Unfortunately, Yemen, with some of the most archaeological sites and monuments, didn’t celebrate this day.

The manager of the General Organization of Antiquities and Museums, Mohanad Ahmed Al-Syani justified the reasons behind ignoring the celebration. “What kind of celebration would it be with closed museums? First, we should resolve the problem of looting in museums and re-open them, then celebrate this day as we used to,” he said.

Al-Syani emphasized that Yemen should be at the top of all countries celebrating this day because of its ancient history. This history can be seen in Yemen’s museums which maintain many old monuments.  However, the deteriorating security situation and the looting of museums doesn’t allow for holding any celebration.   

According to the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the aim of this occasion is to give a chance for professionals of museums to communicate with the public and alert them to the challenges facing museums as well as to strengthen the relationship between the museum and the community. A museum isn’t only a house to preserve historical treasures and cultural heritage, but is an important scientific center.

This occasion is considered a chance for museums to show their treasures and to encourage locals and foreigners to visit them. it’s also a chance to inform youth of the importance of museums and to history as well.