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Osama bin Laden’s Wife Breaks Her Silence

By NY Staff
Yemeni women Aml Abdulfatah al-Sada’a, Osama bin Laden’s wife, revealed new information about the mystery of her husband’s death and disappearance by the American military.

Al-Sada’a said that when the house raid began, the landing troops descended from helicopters and clashed with Sheikh Osama bin Laden’s security guard. “The clashes were strong and violent that bin Laden took his weapon to contribute in the fighting from the his house window. Suddenly there was a gunshot directed at his head and he fell. The battle did not go beyond the few minutes,” she said.

Al-Sada’a added that when the Americans entered the house and found Sheikh Osama bin Laden was murdered, they quickly took his body and walked out into the helicopter. His body was accompanied by a group of U.S. Marine officers.

“After the plane took off, one of the Sheikh’s followers shot the plane with a RBJ shell that resulted the explosion of the plane which turned into small pieces. The image of him that was shown by the Western media is incorrect and fabricated,” she added.