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Survey Results on NDC Outcomes and New Constitution

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Survey Results on NDC Outcomes and New Constitution

Asma al-Mohattwari

The Ministry of Human Rights, in cooperation with Save the Children International, launched the ceremony of National Dialogue Conference (NDC) outcomes results in a field survey on the human rights platform project in the new constitution in Sana’a on May 15th.

Jerry Farrell, the Country Director of Save the Children International in Yemen, stated that the organization aims to promote children’s rights and provide them with a protective environment as well as to cooperate with all partners in Yemen to enable the community to support itself.

“We are proud that we could support the NDC outputs and the formulation of the new constitution and its support of the Children’s Parliament, through which children can raise their issues and deliver their voices to the decision-makers,” Farrell said.

At the ceremony, NDC Secretary General Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak affirmed the importance of dealing with all the NDC outcomes of the Dialogue and to advocate for them. Bin Mubarak considered the issues of childhood as among the most important issues that came out of the NDC and expressed a need for advocacy and support from various political forces as well as all members of the community.

For her part, the representative of the Ministry of Human Rights, Aml al-Jaradi, pointed out that the NDC is an unprecedented historical event in Yemen and the Ministry of Human Rights aimed to open a wide arena for discussion for all segments of society to ensure the promotion of community participation and the formulation of the new constitution by the adoption of the new constitution platform.

Policy and Advocacy Manager at Save the Children, Fatima Alaje, said that the project platform of human rights in the new constitution included field surveys in two phases before and after the NDC, as well as activities and awareness in different media in partnership with the media network to advocate for children’s issues in Yemen.

The survey was carried out by the Social Research Center as a second stage in the framework of the NDC, aimed at knowing the views and attitudes of the project’s sample in some topics and issues related to the NDC and its applicability of these outputs as well as the level of people’s satisfaction about the nine main issues discussed by the NDC.