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Woman Damages Oil Pipeline in Marib

By NY Staff

In an unprecedented incident, a Yemeni woman from Marib province was able to damage an oil pipeline in the Sirwah directorate in order to put pressure on the government to release her arrested brother in Sana’a.

According to official sources, Riasah Saleh al-Radmani fired three shots at the oil pipeline in Sirwah from an automatic rifle (Kalashnikov) that led to stopping oil from pumping out of the pipeline.

In a press statement on Saturday, al-Radmani said that she was motivated to damage the pipeline because authorities had released two criminals accused of killing officers and soldiers through a mediation for Rogers Vides, a kidnapped German. The mediation was led by the governor of Jawf, Mohammed bin Salim al-Sharif, who refrained from releasing her brother, who was accused in the oil pipeline bombing.

According to official statistics, the Yemeni economy loses a lot as a result of repeated bombing operations on oil pipelines. The government announced that total losses reached more than 225 billion dollars during the last year, and the losses of the oil sector during the last three years were 4.75 billion dollars. In the first five months of 2014, Yemen lost approximately 3.3 million barrels of oil due to continuous bombings that target oil pipelines and cause a drop in state revenue from oil exports.

Yemen is a small producer of oil, with production between 280 and 300 thousand barrels per day, down from over 400 thousand barrels per day in previous years. The share of exports of crude, obtained by the Yemeni government through production-sharing with foreign oil companies, is about 70% of the resources of the state budget and 63% of the country’s total exports as well as 30% of GDP.

Yemen’s revenues of oil exports recorded a sharp decline to 44.17 million at the end of the last March, down by 80% in the last year.