Yemen Mocha Sanani Coffee,

The Yemeni Mocha Sanani coffee is one of the mosy unique coffees in the glob . Most people do not think of Yemen as a major coffee player but years ago, it was the first exporter of coffee from the port city of Mocha. The coffee is grown at elevations above 2200 meters, near the area of Sana’a and the processing methods for nearly 800 years have remained the same. Allowing the coffee to dry in the sun, then crush the cherries with a millstone, this is what give this coffee such a wild characteristics and due to lack of rainfall and production, keeps the cost high. The coffee is medium in body, bittersweet chocolate, with a dry berry flavor that flows through the cup. As always, we must remember its people that grow our coffee, check out some of the pictures of Yemen, the coffee is actually grown on terraces in the mountains an amazing site to see.

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