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Al-Hazmi: The Government is Unreliable

National Yemen

Mohammed al-Hazmi

By YN Staff

The regular attacks for electricity infrastructure that begins in Marib few years ago still continuing and the government is incapable to put an end with it. These attacks have caused huge losses and have affected on the people’s  daily work. Power outages remain a daily nightmare in citizens’ lives.  Official estimates are that families spend billions of YR on buying  candles and sub materials that may light their live in a  night .

Means for electricity attacks vary between bullets, missiles, and explosive devices, iron hits, and even preventing technical teams from repairing lines. These attacks have added to an increase in the number of assassinations in the army, security services, government offices, and political personnel, often without knowing the perpetrator.

Therefore, MP Mohammad al-Hazmi said, despite the big number of army, political security, and national security, the government has failed to protect electricity pylons, oil pipelines, officers, and soldiers.

He added that distrust of the government is a normal matter, especially for a government that couldn’t punish those responsible for selling Yemeni gas (LNG) in 2005 at ridiculous prices. It has also been unable to rectify the dysfunctional administrative situation, with al-Hazmi pointing out that the citizen still suffers from corruption and nepotism.

According to al-Hazmi, the Finance Minister explained in numbers that there is a deficit, and the government has not managed government spending. Citizen are the ones suffering and paying the for government’s deficit.

Al-Hazmi emphasized that the government would be in a precarious position after questioning by Parliament.