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Aden to host the first international Yemeni Film Festival

The first-ever International Yemeni Film & Arts Festival comes to Aden on May 29, 2014! This event will include screenings of selected films by filmmakers from Yemen and around the world, as well as discussions with featured filmmakers. Film screenings will begin at 5:00pm, with a brief discussion. This event is free and open to the public.


Serra Castle Incident, Ammar Banafea. 2012, 3 minutes (World Premiere). This found-footage-style short is Yemen’s first science-fiction film.

Photo, Sawsan al-Areeqe. 2012, 4 minutes. This simple but eloquent allegory celebrates the light women bring to Yemeni society despite all attempts at repression.

Days in The Heart of the Revolution, Ammar Basha. 2012, 64 minutes (World Premiere). This series of short documentaries provides an inside look at the revolutionaries of Change Square, the plight of citizens displaced by the conflicts in Abyan and Saʻdah, and other pressing contemporary issues.

Karama Has No Walls, Sara Ishaq. 2011, 26 minutes. Jumʻat al-Karama, the Friday of Dignity, on which pro-regime gunmen murdered over 50 revolutionary activists and wounded hundreds, marked a turning point in Yemen’s popular uprising of 2011. Filmmaker Sara Ishaq tells the story of the Karama massacre and its aftermath through the eyes of activists and their families. This film was nominated for an Academy Award, the first such achievement for a Yemeni film.

The Big House, Musa Syeed. 2013, 5 minutes. When a young boy finds a key to the empty mansion down the street, he lets himself and his imagination run wild in the big house.