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Al-Amari Warns Hadi of New Revolution Without any Immunity

BY NY Staff

Al-Amari has warned the Yemeni political forces that revolutionaries will go out to the streets again in case the crises and the deterioration in the performance of the current government continues.

Al-Amari stressed that the reconciliation government in power does not represent the revolution of change. “It has clear goals and no one can be an ambassador for us,” he said.

Al-Amari also stated that the departure of power today is no longer feasible and those in power have to provide either solutions and treatments or be given a trial, since the departure of officials with immunity puts the country in danger.

He added that the youth of the revolution have been excluded from the political process. “The youth revolution no longer has the administration that makes their voice reach to people of power, and political parties try to make their voices absent.”

For his part, the media spokesman for the Coordinating Board of the Revolutionary Forces in the South, Ali Qasim, said that that those in the authority represent party leaders and the remnants of the former regime and do not represent the youth of the revolution. “Although there is a youth of the revolution belonging to political parties, they were excluded in all areas”.

Qasim pointed out that revolutionary sprit is no longer exists as it did in 2011, and the youth are frustrated and hurt. He warned that frustration may generate anger for the old system and the Gulf Initiative. “The government is not a government that represents the revolution and the old system is still ruling and President Hadi is still governed by the former regime.”

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