Al-Qaeda: An Ugly Fate Designed for Yemen

The ongoing extensive battle against Al-Qaeda militants in Shabwa and Abyan governorates in south Yemen haven’t stop the group from carrying out more terrorist attacks in other parts of the Republic of Yemen. Each and every attack made by al-Qaeda and other extremist groups mostly serves a third party agenda of local politicians, regional, or international countries involved in Yemen’s political change.

The attacks in Sayoun city in Wadi Hadhramout over the past two days narrate two stories at the same time. The first part of the story is a direct message from al-Qaeda to the government to confirm its strength and capability of hitting government organizations, despite of the offensive war against its loyalists in Abyan and Shabwa. Again, it tells the story of its wide spread presence all over the country and emphasizes that it can move freely whenever it wishes.

Some different opinions support the idea that al-Qaeda has lost its financial backup and has turned to robbery of banks. Which method is more appropriate than the other one is not a matter for people around the globe. That the seven hours of clashes ended with killing 15 al-Qaeda militants and 12 from the military is another issue of unimportance to the public who seeks to know who is behind al-Qaeda plans and attacks in Yemen.

The basic question that any one may ask how did the huge number of al-Qaeda militants move freely between the mountains and roads to reach the city of Sayoun? More than 30 vehicles, which is not small number, were involved. The militants went back to their shelter losing none of these vehicles. This raises the question, where did they go? Where are they now? Where is the American drone to target the vehicles? Many questions require an answer from the decision makers to reply back to the public or be investigated for their knowledge.

Al-Qaeda has been a nightmare with its regular attacks on infrastructure, military personal, and recently the robberies. The general philosophies and ideologies of al-Qaeda, using the word of Islam, has left the youth disinterested in them. For long time, al-Qaeda has recruited youth, using them to fight for the victory of Islam but Islam is not how they describe it.