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Yemen Is Happy Too!

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Happy Yemen

Despite all the hard living conditions, the long and recurrent power cuts, the unstable political and security conditions, the negative media coverage, a group of Yemenis managed to show the world that they are living proof to their country’s ancient name ‘Arabia Felix’ aka Happy Arabia. Historically, Yemen was known as Arabia Felix meaning Fortunate Arabia or Happy Arabia – a name which was given to it by the Greek geographer Ptolemy. It acquired this name because of its high mountains, which attracted rain, making it more fertile than most of the Arabian peninsula.

The cover video of Pharrell William’s viral song Happy was generated with a Yemeni twist, showing the creativity and talent of Young Yemenis, their positive spirit and their sense of humor.

The video was produced in cooperation with Support Yemen and Gabreez and is co-directed by two Oscar nominated directors Abdurahman Hussein and Ameen Alghabri.