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Ambassador of Pakistan Inaugurates Chain of Schools in Yemen

The Pakistan National English School opened new branches in three governorates in Yemen . The Ambassador of Pakistan Dr. Irfan Yususif Shami and Pakistani investor Mr. Majid Ali Chaudhry, Chairman of Pakistan National English School inaugurated today in Hodeidah the fourth branch of PNES, looking forward to the opening of the fifth branch in Mukalla soon. On Sunday, the ambassador along with governors of Ibb and Taiz inaugurated the school branch in the two governorates.

The expansion story of PNES in Yemen starts in Aden in 2013 and continues this year into four governorates. Officials in each governorate in Ibb, Taiz and Hodeidah, were very enthusiastic for the Pakistani investment in the education field. Dr. Shami said that the future of Yemen is based in its new generation good education. The Pakistani investment is the biggest in Yemen in terms of education. No one has opened four schools in Yemen like how the Pakistan National English School did.

The capacity of each school is between 200-300 students starting from kindergarten until grade 12 and it uses British curriculum, which is authorized by international schools worldwide. Mr. Chaudhry, invests in education in Kuwait and Pakistan, and he brought his business to Yemen as a matter of interest to improve the quality of education in Yemen in the English sector in particular.


  • Educational level of kids will surely improved should the strategy maintain English communication in class rooms and try to use English or American accents the best they could. This could also be complemented by English simplified kids educational songs and activities. Look into the educational programs done in American or british schools in Yemen as well. good start though

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