Hard to Celebrate…

National Yemen

Last week, National Yemen newspaper celebrated the fourth anniversary of its first print in May 22nd, 2010. Through all over the four years, the paper and its local and international team have come across plenty of challenges, such as how Yemen has faced the challenge of avoiding state collapse.

Luckily, the newspaper still prints its issues regularly and now the paper is fully colored starting from this week’s issue No.176. This success has nothing to do with money. It is linked to the faith of NY advertisers and the newspaper team who spends much of their time protecting the newspaper from any issues that may occur within the political and economic realms of the country.

Honestly speaking, I was not planning to write about the success of the newspaper as we pass our anniversary. The ongoing crises that is happening in every part of the country has left nothing for us to celebrate. Looking back on the past three years, the situation of the newspaper and the country as well was much better than today in all aspects.

In the few past years, there was slight hope of doing differently than others and making history without the ongoing sectarian clashes that appear here and there. Al-Qeada is another challenge, alongside the deteriorating economy, the departure of foreigners from the country, and the tightened security procedures that leave us nothing to celebrate.

Celebrating the fourth year is not as happy as before. How can we celebrate while the fate of my friend and the last year’s copy editor Luke Sommers is still unknown? How can we celebrate while many of my friends abroad are looking to come back to Yemen and I have no chance to sponsor them due to the current security situation?

The only things that can make me happy as the Chief Editor of National Yemen is that my country still trying to escape the various problems that everyone is aware of. Despite the events that unfolded during our first year of operation, National Yemen still managed to compete with the older English newspapers in terms of its news and photography quality by achieving international standards from the first page to the last page of every weekly edition. The success of this paper has been realized by the tremendous team who are very much dedicated to the growth of the paper.