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Men prefer her Religious while women are looking for intellectual compatibility

National Yemen

Here is Your voice Site, of Radio Netherlands Worldwide conducted a questionnaire Yemeni Youth Square about marriage. The result of the questionnaire showed that the religion factor got the first rank in the attributes of choosing their future partner.

More than 749 persons participated in the questionnaire 89% of them were male and 11% female. The participants’ ages ranged between 13 and 47 years, average of 26 years. Almost half of the participants said that religion is the most important factor in determining a life partner. While the quarter of the participants said that the most important is the intellectual compatibility between them. The rest factors considered less important that were appearance, tribe, social status and money.

As usual, there were differences and diversity in responses between males and females who participated in the questionnaire. 47% of male chose religion, which is clearly bigger than the percentage of females, which amounted to 36%.  51% of female chose the element of intellectual compatibility while 31% of male agreed that.

In terms of geography, participants from Taiz chose religion element more than participants Sana’a and Aden, and participants of Sana’a believed that intellectual compatibility is more important regions. This may explain in a way that the residents of Sana’a have opportunities to get higher education more than the population of other cities.

Regarding to education, almost half of respondents said that they prefer an equal educational level for their partners. On the other hand a quarter of them answered that they didn’t care of the educational level of their partner. 34% of the female participants preferred to have partner with higher educational level than them.

Worth noting is that there are differences between the responses of participants of different ages. Older age groups’ answers showed that they  want equal educational level of their partners while a small percentage of them prefer more partners educational level of their partners.