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Minister of Oil and Minerals Visits Electric Power Project in Rass Issa

The Minister of Oil and Minerals  Mr. Khaled M. Bahah and the Commander of the Fifth Military Region Gen. Mohammed Rajah Labuza were briefed about the project of generating electric power in Rass Issa in Salif directorate in Hodeida. The project is funded by Safer Exploration and Production Operations  with a total amounts of 1.2 million dollars USD.
The Minister was excited to understand the technical details of the project  would generate electric power.  The production capacity of the generators is  1,450 kilowatts is to be  distributed to three villages in the area of Rass Issa.
The minister praised the efforts of the company headed by Eng, Ahmed Kulaib who gives the sustainable development in the surrounding  areas a great attention  in the development of social services, the rehabilitation of the area residents, and the providing of various basic services. “The social development in all fields’ is the key of stability in any community,” he said.
Bahah stressed that the ministry will provide five internal scholarships for outstanding students in Rass Issa and Safer will adopt a contract with two teachers to support education in the area. 
“The care of education and its outputs is important to the make a renaissance for the people who will be allocated greater employment opportunities due to the oil projects,” he noted.
The minister pointed out the importance of Rass Issa and its strategic benefit for oil during the coming period; it will soon launch the installation of wildlife reservoirs at a cost of 190 million dollars.
He also inspected the Safer Ship, with a length of 439 kilometers, which serves the Safer Company and its neighboring sectors.
The reservoirs that will be built in Rass Issa are considered a plant of strategic storage of petroleum products for the domestic market in the future.
Eng. Ahmed Kulaib, said safer is the first National Oil and it works hard to relief the need of the people in the operation areas. Our goal is to end the long suffering of families there by providing power for all residents living there.The project has passed through different stages such as connecting the villages near by Ras Isa with electricity and it went through different process like civil work, importing equipment, logistic and cable extensions, and implementation. 
“The company is committed to supporting the educational process as one of its main priorities of social responsibility” concludes Kulaib.