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The International Yemeni Festival of Films and Arts concludes in Aden

By NY staff

the International Yemeni Festival of Films and Arts was held in Aden for the first time after being held in New York City, USA. The festival featured films from Yemen and the world about Arab Spring revolutions as well as a photograph exhibition.

In the Festival, the Coordinator of the festival, Sahar Noureddine delivered the speech of the Executive Director and American activist William Pickard. He said in his speech that the Festival was held in cooperation with Yemen Peace Project, pointing out that the first holding of the festival included films and pictures about Yemen, and the third festival would be held in London.

“The Yemeni Peace Project is interested in Southern issues and in highlighting the severe hardship and oppression experienced by Southerners, so we are happy to give Southerners the chance to show their short films because the world really needs to hear more from the South,” Pickard said.

Eight films were displayed in the festival; four from the north and the four from south, inlcuding Sirah Castle, a science fiction movie. The second was about the youth revolution on February 16, 2011, the third about women’s press in Aden 1960-1990, and the fourth was called Aden and the Forty Tweets by Director Ezzat Wajdi and journalist Ali bin Amer.

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