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A Group Wedding Party for 350 Grooms in Sana’a

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Collective wedding party

The General Union of Workers with support from the local council organized the first group wedding for 350 hygiene workers in Sana’a.

Hygiene workers occupy the last place in the hierarchy of government salaries and their individual income does not exceed the $100, which is not enough for a week living. This group of Yemeni society does not have housing and does not get medical care.

At the ceremony, Mohammed Alzerafi, Undersecretary of Sana’a, said that the group wedding represented a real breakthrough in social work that documents and promotes the values of Islam, cooperation, and creative teamwork.

He stressed the need to continue the phenomenon of group weddings in Sana’a because they have proved their ability to eliminate negative phenomena.

For his part, Mohammed al-Marzouki, the head of the Municipal Workers Union, said that this wedding embodied the principle of social solidarity and the union will continue the journey to achieve stable social lives for workers in the cleaning sector.

Al-Marzouki added that unfortunately, Yemeni traders didn’t support the event but the wedding was a dream come true.

The group wedding phenomena has increased in Yemen because of the high cost dowries. A set of associations and institutions adopted the idea of group marriages to lower the costs of marriage. The cost of individual weddings for people with substantial income reached 60-80 thousand dollars and 20 thousand dollars for middle-income people.

The ceremony included a speech, poem, and a number of folk dances and songs.

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