All of them say so, but all of them corrupted

Fakhri al-Arashi

There is nothing much left to say and criticize about political and social development. The huge data, words, phrases, and vocabularies that contain the meanings of criticism have died in Yemen, simply because the community is fighting thoughtlessly over facts.

A country with 25 million citizens may lose their fight for life and the reason is their legal need for a proper life and a smooth transition. The political parties welcomed the transition, but not the current transition. The transition that does not go along with their wishes is faked and serves other political parties. Another reason is that the current transition does not match with the Gulf Initiative. Let us take the example of the latest ministerial change that was made to avoid any collapse as a result of last Wednesday’s chaos.

The GPC and the JMP were very disappointed by the replacements, accusing the president of promoting new ministers. They consider it illegal for the president to take an immediate decision without referring to the Gulf Initiative, which determined a consensus government. In reality, it’s a conflict of interest. Before the ministerial change they were accusing the president of being weak by taking no decision to help the country escape the economic catastrophe that has occurred recently.

All political parties in Yemen are very involved in corruption, and if it isn’t financial, then political corruption is happening. It is present in the daily act of putting the country back on its feet. It’s present in applying pleasure to advance party agendas before the agendas of the common people. It is sad that Yemen is worsening so dramatically, and both anti and pro media affiliates are putting more flame than flowers. It’s sad because the acts are not like the facts. More than 2000 tires were burned in Sana’a in three hours!!! Who arranged for that big quantity? Who brought them to the street that day? Who stored them all? All political parties in Yemen are very corrupted…