An aromatic brand sells cheaply

By Tamjid Alkohlai

Jasmine tree in Yemen competes the Global perfume brands in markets and shops today. It characterized by good aromatic smell that spreads and stays long time in the place where it puts in, which makes it a part of the customs and traditions of the Yemeni people and the main element in occasions, weddings, celebrations and festivals in the various provinces.

Under the heat of the sun, from sunrise until sunset and among all-weather, the child Ahmed Alnaželi works very hard to sell jasmine or (foll) as they call it in Yemeni street. Alnaželi sells the jasmine necklaces on the sidewalks and tours every day in order to get a very simple amount reaches to 1500 YR at least. However, this amount descend in the last period due to the recession that accompanied foll sale and increasing its production in the same time so, the sellers forced to sell the foll cheaply.

From their side, the owners of foll stores emphasized that the prices of the foll change from time to time according economic conditions of the country. Saeed Yahya Almojhasi is a foll seller said that the lack of petrol and diesel, as well as the problems between the provinces directly affect on the prices of foll.

He pointed out that   the foll prices decreased, the price of small foll necklaces is 100 YR, the middles one is 300 YR, while the big one is 1000 YR, adding to other styles and kinds of foll necklaces are sold in high prices according to the customer’s demand.

Jasmine tree needs a certain climates to grow.  The soil should be light and the weather is hot. Therefore, jasmine is growing in specific regions like Hudaydah, and Lahij.

On other hand, behind the Jasmine cultivation a story. As old people said, the Prince of Lahij Ahmed Fadal AlKamandan brought the Jasmine seeds from India, and he planted it in Husseini orchard in Lahij governorate and then it spread everywhere. Today Jasmine tree Hire a lot  of operating hands in many provinces.

The price of one kilo of foll in summer  is between 1000 to 2000 YR  due to its much production in this time of year, while in the other seasons especially winter its price reaches to four or six thousand YR which make some people call it white gold.

Ahmed Gobran depends completely in selling the foll to spend on his family which consists of 10 people with his wife since 18 years. Now he works on the Main Street near Saba tour to get a simple income which does not exceed 3000 thousand daily.

Gobran emphasized that sale the foll became stagnant Today. “The bad economic situation and the lawlessness reflects on works of people in all areas. Achieving a decent life and getting a living has become difficult thing today.” said he.

Foll is very important in the social occasions. It is considered as an important accessory for Yemeni women. Each woman feels pride as much as the size of her foll necklace is big. Besides, it’s considered the best gift in the occasion among the relatives or from the groom to the bride. Sometimes families hold a special day during the wedding day called foll day in which the bride wear foll from her head to the bottom.

Next to the social importance of foll, there are other benefits were discovered in a research study which done by the Yemeni searcher Eng. Hassen Khamis. “With foll people can seek treatment from many diseases such as, Arthritis, gout, asthma, Cough, difficulty breathing, Constipation, and Epilepsy.” said Khamis.

in his study, Hassen mentioned that after boiling foll on the fire, its water can be used to reduce fever heat, also as a  treatment women.   for eye pain, headaches, as well in many natural cosmetics for women.

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