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Group of Youth Conduct Peaceful Protest on Haddah Street

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Youth Conduct Peaceful Protest

By NY Staff

The above picture was taken this past Wednesday on Haddah Street, the most civil and modern street in the capital of Sana’a, Yemen. On June 11th, 2014, many youth and politicians took to the street demanding the direct dismissal of the government. On that day, more than 2000 tires were burned in every street in Sana’a, aiming to oust the weak government. The chaos continued with the exception of the upper part of Haddah, where water vehicles blocked off the street and people set up a volleyball net and they played volleyball for three hours. It was an exciting moment for those who could not find public or private transport to move from street to another, but they found it funny and worthy to stop a while and watch teenagers and adults reflecting their dislike of the political situation, the lack of fuel, and electricity shortages. This past Wednesday’s protests ended with the closure of the popular GPC TV channel al-Yemen al-Yaum by presidential guards who accused the channel of spreading hate and inciting revolution. On that day, six ministers were knocked out while attempting to slow down the people who went to the street demanding the ouster of the cabinet ministers. Popliteal intention remains hard in Sana’a and the future is still unclear with the closure of al-Sabeen Street which leads to the former presidential mosque.