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Scholars: Yemen’s Problem is not in the Drafting of a New Constitution

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By YN staff

Al-Eman University headed by the Religious scholar Sheikh Abdualmajeed al-Zendani started a campaign against the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) outputs considering that the problem of Yemen doesn’t require changing the current Constitution or work on a new constitution.

This campaign appeared on the social networks and through banners expresses the outright rejection of drafting a new constitution. Yemeni religious scholars held a conference on the drafting of a new constitution and the current developments in Yemen under the slogan Qur’an and Sunnah above the Constitution and the law and all go against them is false.

 In the conference Sheikh al-Zindani called on the need for the state and society to work to freed Yemen from the charter of the United Nations. Scholars warned that the chapter VII decision of the UN Charter may lead to a risk strategy in the case if it is continued, such as, punitive measures include isolating the country from the rest of the world and be subjected to the international blockade as well as the military intervention of international forces using military ground, sea and air, as what happened in Iraq.

“Political forces must pull Yemen from Chapter VII sanctions instead of thinking in the new constitution drafting,” al-Zindani said.

Scholars demanded to develop immediate solutions to the problems of refugees and forcibly displaced people, and give them the right to return to their areas and compensation for all the damages caused to them.

In his speech, al-Zindani sent several messages to different segments which included their statement which signed by more than 300 of the Yemeni religious scholars. He called the public and private media and the Moral Guidance Department to clarify the situation of the scholars from Yemen drafting of the constitution and to emphasize the need to resort to Islamic law and do not violate any constitutional texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah.