Yemeni Cuisine Finds its Way to Turkey

By NY Staff

Yemeni cuisine has appeared for the first time in Turkish restaurants, coinciding with the kickoff the fourth shopping festival in Istanbul.

Yemen is known worldwide for its variety of food, representing different types of the most famous traditional food like Mandi, Salah, Fashion, Bint al-Sadr, and the special fresh bred.

Yemeni journalist Abdulbaset Al-Arashi was among the delegates to cover the fourth festival official opening in Istanbul. He was very surprised to see Yemeni food served in famous and big restaurants.  “I was excited as the only journalist to see the Yemeni bread, Rashwish, Mand,i and many other plates that reflect Yemeni cuisine,” said al-Noa’ah. Moreover, restaurants have developed a special menu for Yemeni food.

Talking to head cook Ahmed Rashid, whose the restaurant is known as Abu Rashid, he said, “the customers here in Turkey admire the the food and they come regularly to the restaurant and they bring their friends. Despite of the recent opening of the restaurant it has gained a good reputation,” said Rashid.

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