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Economists: Sana’a Summer Festival Is Unhelpful

by NY Staff

The Ministry of Tourism is preparing for the Sana’a Summer Festival in the capital Sana’a, held on August 17 to 31 every year. As usual, The Festival includes lyricism, artistic, and folkloric shows as well as tourism exhibitions through local, Arab, and international participations.

However, the economists demand that President Hadi to stop the preparations for the festival, considering it a failed project which doesn’t achieve any returns for tourism and economic activity in Yemen, emphasizing that the previous festivals didn’t have any positive affect at the local, Arab, and international levels.

They explained that the festival cost a lot of money and the last festival cost nearly 100 million YR, demanding the president to convert allocations for this festival to the armed forces and security who are fighting against terrorism in order to ensure security and stability, which is the true basis of attracting investment and tourism in the country.

Economists consider the festival useless in these bad conditions and it will be more useful under safe situations.

On other hand, officials in the tourism sector confirmed the importance tourism festivals play, holding a leading role in moving the wheel of the tourism sector; it also serves the Yemeni citizens because it is a way to attract tourists and increase sales of products for people as well.