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Exams Questions Leak Is a Violation of the Educational Process

By NY Staff
Secondary school students are waking up from the shock of postponing algebra, geometry, and

geography exams because the questions have leaked and were published via social networking sites. 

The Ministry of Education announcement the cancelation of calculus and history subjects for the same 


In an interview with Dr Abdulrazak al-Ashwal, the Minister of Education, he said that the forces of evil 

and destruction are fighting against any creativity or development in any field because they want to 

limit any achievement. “I expect that a scenario was prepared to leak examinations. Unfortunately, the 

Ministry is not its only goal, and it was really aimed at our students and the entire political settlement.”

Al-Ashwal pointed out that there is a committee investigating the leak and when the investigation is 

complete, a report will be prepared and those Involved in this crime will be prosecuted in accordance 

with the law. 

The total numbers of imbalances and disorders that have been documented and monitored until now 

are 896, including cheating and identity theft. For that, the Ministry of Education made three types 

of decisions to avoid such disorders through transferring the guilty students to another examination 

center, opening a cheating report, or preventing them from taking the exam. 

Activists exchange pictures for student practice groups on the social networking sites. Al-Ashwal clarified 

that such practices were supposedly in the past. “We know that in the past there were practices worse 

than this and they were covering such issues, but we follow the transparency and accountability policy.”

Al-Ashwal sent the students a message saying that the leadership of the Ministry of Education is with 

them in all stages of the process, particularly when estimating grades.