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Today In Sana’a;Inclusive Meeting Between Government and Donors

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A side of the old city of Sana’a

By NY Staff
An expanded meeting is expected to convene today between the government and donors in Sana’a,

Organized by the Executive Bureau, in order to assess the implementation of duties set in the Mutual 

Accountability Framework (MAF). 

The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mohammad al-Sa’adi, stated that the meeting 

will focus on what has been achieved in the MAF by the government and donors, pointing out the 

importance of fulfilling the donors pledges and accelerating the allocation of declared funds which help 

to achieve development and address the current challenges.

Al-Sa’adi affirmed the need to be further strengthened through providing more support to Yemen to 

tackle future economic and development challenges.

From her side, the Executive Director of the absorbing device of foreign funds, Amat Al Alim Alsoswa, 

said that the meeting will achieve all the compensations and justice for all oppressed people to build a 

better future including justice, freedom, and equality in distributing power and wealth in Yemen. 

The last meeting of the government and donors was held on March 22, 2013 to ensure the 

implementation of projects financed in the Riyadh Conference in September 2012. 

The meeting of today will be headed by the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation 

Mohammad al-Sa’adi, Chairman Executive to Accelerate the Absorbing of Aid and Policy Reform 

Mohammed Basindawa, and number of ministers in the government, while the donor’s side will be 

represented by Director General of the GCC Office in Yemen, Ambassador Saad bin Mohammed Al Arifi, 

and the Qatari Manager of the World Bank in Yemen Mr. Wael Zakout. 

The meeting will hold working sessions to review the progress of absorbing pledges and progress in 

policy reform by a team of executives, while the second will review the World Bank paper about the 

evaluation of the progress of implementation of a common framework for mutual responsibilities.