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DNO Threatens Head of Labor Syndicate and Staff Announce Full Strike

National Yemen

Waring letter to DNO Staff

By NY Staff

The employment problem between DNO Yemen and its staff has reached its height, and there is total silence from the staff in charge at the Ministry of Oil and Minerals. Yesterday, the company sent a verbal warning letter to Anees al-Hatari, accusing him of failure on duty. Al-Hatari rejected the company statement, which was sent to him according to the Yemeni labor force law.

The General Union for Petroleum, Minerals and Chemical announced the full strike yesterday  after the advanced notice ended. One of the employees accused the company of neglecting the employees legal demands. He said three managers were replaced in a very short time, which stretched the problem between the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, the Labor Syndicate, and the company. He said the company is using oil resources to corrupt the Ministry staff and avoid the dismissal of foreigners who have been working for the company for the past 10 years. This is not legal by the Yemeni law, but corruption makes it very easy for them to continue.

DNO produces  oil between 4000-3000 bpd of crude oil from Blocks 32 and 43. Last December, the company reached an agreement with the labor syndicates of Blocks 32 and 43 and the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to solve the labor problems. “Since that time, the field employees returned to their jobs, while Sana’a office employees did not return to theirs after the aggressive dismissal made by the company,” said al-Washali. “They promised us a while ago to go through official procedures but this did not help. If our demands are not fulfilled we will return to the strike.” Now the full strike has happened and let us see what would be the respond!