Watch Out Mr. President!!!

Fakhri al-Arashi

The last Friday, clashes between army soldiers and the Houthi loyalist in al-Jaraf, fifteen kilometers away from the president’s house and ten kilometers away from Sana’a International Airport has left no doubt that a civil war may start very soon. 

Houthi loyalists are present on every corner in Sana’a, having equivalent weapons to the government. This may speed up the presence of clashes. All in all the government needs to find a quick solution to end the sectarian clashes that appear in every part of the country.

The statement of the United Nations and Jamal Benomer reported to the security council have increased the tone of civil fighting, leaving al-Houthi on one side and the rest of the political parties like Islah, Salafis, and the tribes on the other side. Both were accused of obstructing the transitional process in Yemen.

With the problems and fighting persist in Yemen, people still believe that the president is very much satisfied by the ongoing war in Amran. They justify his silence by keeping both parties finishing each other off at a low cost from the government’s side. If is this true, then it is absolutely foolish and the future of the country may end with a civil war.   

For now, there is peace in the heart of the capital, but there is chaos in the rest of the country. The clashes of last Friday are very clear example. There is fuel in Sana’a but there is none in the rest of the country. People can drive luxurious cars in Sana’a but they may feel scared outside the city. Total mess is happening and total demand for survival is happening too. Which one will win? This can be answered after the month of Ramadan, as the holy month may temporarily end fighting as a matter of respect God and religion.