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Activities: Recall Cultural Attaches from Yemeni Embassies Abroad

National Yemen

By NY Staff

Because of increasing complaints by Yemeni students studying abroad, Prime Minister Mohammed Salim Basindawa, the Higher Education Minister Hisham Sharaf, and Foreign Minister have decided to call cultural attaches, who have been inactive for years in Yemeni Embassies abroad.

According to student complaints, cultural attaches had caused the suffering of students studying abroad. Many students in different countries held demonstrations and vigils demanding authorities find a solution.

The most prominent protests were held by students in Algeria against Ambassador Jamal Awad Nasser and Cultural Attaché Rashad Shaye with his Assistant for Financial Affairs Abdo Seif, who was summoned by the Ministry of Finance earlier.

In addition, student protested in Malaysia against Cultural Attaché Iqbal Al-Alass, and in Syria against Cultural Attaché Abdul Al-Karim Daeer, stating the problems and difficulties caused by the cultural attachés in Beijing, Khartoum, and Germany.

The students studying in Algeria have sent an appeal to President Hadi in which they explained their complaints, confirming the need to dismiss the Ambassador, whose work period ended a long time ago, and send him with cultural attachés to the judiciary for trial to apply the decisions issued against them by the Supreme National Commission for the fight against corruption and public prosecution, as a result of financial and administrative corruption.

In their statement, the students demanded the president reveal those aims to set the cultural attaché Rashad Shaya and defend him despite him not supplying all the savings and covenant, which he has owed since he was in the management of vocational education in Aden. The students also demanded a trial for the former Academic Assistant for the Cultural Attaché Rageh al-Assad and his assistant for Financial Affairs Abdu Saif, who are partners in all the violations that have been against students.

According to the Anti-Corruption Commission, the representatives of the Embassy and Cultural Attaché in Algeria were stopped from work, and urged to take punitive measures against them.

In addition, the Committee sent by the President last year stated the need for change as a result of their financial and administrative irregularities and issuing appointments related to diplomatic missions that ended two years ago.

They also practiced persecution against students and prevented their dues as well as ignored their problems and closed the door of embassy in front of them, while the embassies of the whole world are working to protect their citizens and to overcome the difficulties that are in front of them.

Each one of the representatives of the Embassy and Cultural Attaché in Algeria is accused of a number of violations. Ambassador Jamal Awad was stopped from work in the Yemeni Embassy in Moscow by Ambassador Abdul Wahab Al-Rohani and expelled from it because of suspicious acts which harmed the interests of Yemen. He was also accused of forgery, drug trafficking, and bad dealing with Yemeni diplomacy during his work as Deputy Ambassador in Cairo.

Ambassador Awad retired three years ago. He had many problems with members of the diplomatic mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where members of the mission transfered to other countries in order to avoid clashing with him.

Cultural Attache Rashad Shaya was stopped from working in the Office of Technical Education in Aden because of selling the equipment of professional institutes and refusing a filtered covenant. He was also involved in many issues of financial and administrative corruption in Algeria, and given the chairs of students for who were undeserving.

Assistant Abdu Saif hasn’t done anything positive for the students. He travels all the time and ignores his tasks, adding to the manipulation of operating expenses and wasting public money.

All the students and their families expressed their surprise of ignoring the higher authorities and the competent authorities for the students’ suffering though of repeated protests against corruption at the Embassy of Yemen in Algeria.