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Yemeni Family Demands Yemeni and Iraqi Governments Find Their Son

By Bushra al-Amiri

It has been 11 years since losing Hassan Ahmed Ali Bahaj, 29, from the Shabwa governorate, who disappeared in Iraq in 2004. Bahaj’s family still doesn’t know anything about their son. According to them, losing their son caused them too much pain. Their life has become filled with sadness and oppression. They live between the fear of losing him forever and the hope of seeing him alive.

Today, Bahaj’s family is calling on the Yemeni and Iraqi governments and international organizations working in Iraq to intervene in order to reveal the fate of their son, and to know if he is still alive or not.

In a press statement, the responsible of Yemeni detainees’ files in Iraq, lawyer Hamid Al-Hujaily, said that he is preparing a list that includes statistics and data about the Yemeni missing in Iraq, calling on all any person who has information about a missed person or prisoner to contact with him through the Yemeni prisoners page in facebook.

Al-Hujaily called on the Yemeni government, represented by the Ministries of Justice and Interior, to talk with the Iraqi Minister of interior and Justice, demanding him to search Iraqi prisons and records about Bahaj, because information says that he is in Kazimiyah prison.

In addition, Al-Hujaily demanded the Minister of Interior Maj. Gen. Al-Tarab to send an urgent message to his Iraqi counterpart, asking him to release prisoner Mohammed Daylami, who was imprisoned five years ago on charges of falsifying his personal identity, explaining that the period he spent in prison is enough.