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Ginbot7 Warns Yemen and Ethiopia of any harm to Andargachew

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Andargachew Tsige

The government of Yemen has announced to extradite Andargachew Tsige, secretary general of Ginbot 7, a US and Europe based political organization designated by the Ethiopian government as terrorist, will face extradition, a senior Ethiopian official who asked for anonymitysaid.

Andargachew, an Ethiopian-born British national, was arrested on June 23, 2014, at Sanaa’s El Rahaba International Airport, by Yemeni intelligence officers, while en route to undisclosed destination. Andargachew, second-in-command of Ginbot 7, is widely considered to be the architect of the organization’s “all inclusive strategy” which was primarily designed to unseat the government in Addis ababa. He was given a death sentence in absentia, along with the organization chairman Berhanu Nega (PhD) for his alleged role in the 2009 subtle attempt to overthrow the Ethiopian Government.

The senior Ethiopian official whom Awramba Times spoke to, said “Yemeni authorities will definitely issue an extradition warrant and he will face justice based on the Ethio-Yemeni Security Pact (EYSP), which was signed in 1999 between the late Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi and Yemeni’s former president Ali Abdela Salah”

According to (EYSP), the two states are determined to, inter alia, “jointly engage any third party that attempts to destabilize the long-standing brotherly and historic ties between the two countries, and not to harbor elements seeking to destabilize the other’s peace and stability.”

On its official statement, issued June 30, 2014, Ginbot 7 condemned the arrest of its leader and harshly warned both Ethiopia and Yemen to retaliate by all means at its disposal.

“We will retaliate in any way and at any place for any harm on the body, spirit and life of Andargachew Tsigie” the statement added.


  • Very wrong and irresponsible action by Yemeni government! We will do any thing and every thing possible to make sure he is released and save!!!!!!

  • Hello who ever have a functional ears,please let the ethiopian guy go his way.You have more than you can handle issues of different colors and shapes on your plate all ready.
    I guess when you took that wrong turn to arrest the ethiopian man you were high on your daily fix the chat from Ethiopia.unless you were not drastically disabled by the narcotics you would take such a foolish and dangerous action because you live in a very voletile part of the world.

  • one of the gravest mistake made by Yemenese by siding with juntas…before throwing the spear, you had to think many times, but u did it…consequence will worse

  • Yemen did u forget more than 30.000 yemens lived in ethiopa with pe e & love with etbiopian people today u gavs to devels ower leader but there there will be time ti pay the price.