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Eritrean Government threatened to suspend Yemeni Airlines

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Eritrean government threatened to cancel the right of Yemeni airlines to land in Eritrea unless it can issue assurances for the safety of passengers destined to Eritrea. If Yemeni airlines can not issue positive response for this request, it will suffer from loss of revenue as a result of suspension of services to Eritrea.
Yemeni airlines has been earning substantial business from Eritrean diaspora after the cancellation of services by Lufthansa.
The action of Yemeni security organs in abducting an Ethiopian opposition figure holding British citizenship is also believed that it might put strains on Eritrea- Yemeni relations unless Yemeni authorities reverse their intent to extradite the abducted Ethiopian opposition figure to Ethiopia.The issue will have far reaching ramification as the abducted person is a british citizen. Have Yemeni security agents acquired a green light from British Inteligence Service(SIS) to carry out the abduction? The Ethiopian opposition figure who was using his british passport to travel to and from Eritrea is immune from any Yemeni-Ethiopian bi-lateral security agreement !!

The Chairman  of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice Freedom and Democracy, send a letter to the Yemeni President AbdRabbu Mansour Hadi , via media outlets briefing him with the  grave concerns regarding the unlawful and unwarranted detention of Andargachew Tsege, Secretary General of Ginbot 7 . Movement for Justice Freedom and Democracy while in transit at Sanaa International Airport on June 23, 2014. 

He said, we are particularly concerned that the continued illegal detention of Mr. Tsege, a renowned critic of the Ethiopian government is politically motivated and against
international law. he urged the Government of Yemen to release him immediately and unconditionally.


  • Here we go again.Listen I understand and I am not under any illusions that the yemeni government has sold it's virginity to the Kuffar to do their dirty business to win the fight against the huties and the south. I don't have to go far to tell as to where the country is now. you don't need to create enemies but friends..

  • This is fabricated news. The Eritrean government has said nothing of this sort, at least not publicly. This "news" was taking from a comment made on Ethiopianreview forums. Please refrain from fabricating news.