Sambosa cannot be dispensed in Ramadan

National Yemen


By NY Staff

Children, youth and elderly gathered in front of one of the most popular Sambosa shops in Sana’a. Three o’clock every afternoon in Ramadan a heavily crowded can be seen there. Sambosa exists throughout the month of Ramadan to assert that it occupies its place in the Yemeni House with exceptional feeling. It appears with the approach of Ramadan and disappears with its end.

Sambosa is a special food served all over the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and East, North Africa. They go by different names and have different ingredients. In Yemen these are a special Ramadan treat and are eaten during Iftar moments. The most common kinds are beef, potato,  cheese or eggs.

Very easy steps to make Sambosa first use premade sambosa layers that can be found in grocery stores, fold the Sambosa layers into triangles, and fold to the other side to make another triangle to create a space enough for some filling. Then it can be filling with beef, potato, cheese spices, garlic, onions, and cilantro or with any kind of stuffing. After filling it should be wrapping up again into triangles. Last section needed is the glue; it can be glue with a medium thickness mixture of white flour and water. Finally fry Sambosa with oil.

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  • It is always a great feeling in the month of ramadan a lot of people always go to stores to eat special things like samosa. It is always one month which change the life of the yemeni people.